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Native language :  Chinese (Mandarin)
Studied language :  German, English, French
Hi,this is Echo from China.My Chinese name is Chao Wang(王超)I'm still a student and I learn English at school.Also I'm learning German by myself.If you want to learn Chinese,maybe I can help you. I love reading,guitar,music,movies and making friends with others.And I also likeexchanging postcards with others.I'm easy to go along with. let's make friends:)
Native language :  Chinese (Mandarin)
Studied language :  English
Hi i'm Steve Conner, a Chinese (Mandarin) native-speaker. English is my second language. However, my spoken English is not really good enough, and needs more practice aparently.^^ If Chinese culture or Chinese language interests you, please feel free to contact me ! Weastern culture and languages always attracts me. We may become good friends.Don't you think so ? ^^