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Native language :  Italian, Romansh
Studied language :  German, Spanish, English, Finnish
Hello, My name is Paolo and I live in Trento, in Italy. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study German, Spanish, English and Finnish. I'd be happy to help you to learn Italian and Romansh in exchange.
Native language :  Italian
Studied language :  German
Hi! My name is Giordano, I was born in 1994 and I would like to brush up my German (which has gone very rusty since the middle school years). I grew up in Trento (north-east Italy) therefore I speak and write Italian fluently. I am interested in music (from heavy metal and pop to classical and unz unz music), politics (although I don't have a scientific interest in it) and computers (I work as computer programmer).
Native language :  Italian
Studied language :  German, English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Hi! I am a nineteen year old girl from Italy, I am really interested into improving the languages I have been studying and getting to know new people. I will be more than happy to help you to learn Italian. I really enjoy reading and going to walk, I also love animals and flowers. I have studied English, German and Chinese and I would love to keep speaking and writing these languages. I am quite shy but as soon as I start to get to know someone better I become a lot more talkative 😊.
Native language :  Amharic
Studied language :  German, French, English
I am a university student in Engineering. I would like to develop my English speaking skills with you. since my daytime is kind of exhausted I would prefer evening for voice conversation, chatting will also be fine. Also, if you want to learn Amharic or basic level of Italian, I'm willing to help you with it. Above all, if you are kind of person who loves laughing warmly welcome.My hobbies are travelling, cycling, chatting with funny people.
Native language :  Italian
Studied language :  English
I am 68 old male retired engineer from north Italy.. I studied english attending two courses and than on my own through internet, reading very much with the aid of audiobooks ; therefore I'm able to understand enough and lately, I suppose, to have acquired also some confidence in the spoken English. Becouse I had and still have few chances to practise the language in real life I would like to increase the practice with native speakers who are willing to improve their Italian.