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Native language :  Chinese (Mandarin)
Studied language :  English
Hi everyone! I'm Chun from China and just came to USA several weeks ago. I've been studying English for more than 20 years as a student in schools. But my oral English is a little bad because we usually don't have much changes to speak English in my hometown. But now I came to USA for some research works. So, I need to improve my oral English now. If you are learning Mandarin, want to improve and practice it. Then I think we can help each other. Thanks a lot!
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Spanish, Mongolian, Japanese
Hi, My names Ian. My two hobbies are studying languages, reading, and writing. I'm looking for people to chat with on Skype or text with on WhatsApp/Line. I'll be more than happy to teach you English. よろしく!名前はイアンです。趣味って言語を学ぶことや読むことや諸説を書くことです。よければ、Skypeで話そう! Сайн уу. Намайг иан гэдэг. Би хэл сурах дуртай. Би ном унших дуртай. Би монгол хэл сурмаар. Надад заагаач
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Dutch
Hello, everyone. I'm from America and live in Lansing, Michigan. My family emigrated from the Netherlands in 1853. I am learning the language because I still have some distant relatives in the Netherlands and would like to talk with them in their native language. I am a fluent English speaker and can help you improve your English skills while you help me with my Dutch. My hobbies include cycling, reading books, cooking, yoga, and genealogy.
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Spanish, Japanese
Hola, soy Allecks Eccleston y necesito ayuda con la idioma Espanol y Japonese. Soy un estudiante en escuela tomando la clase de AP espanol. Me gusta a correr, aprender, y pasar rato con mis amigos. Espero que puedo hablar contigo pronto. Hasta entonces, ciao! A propisto, no tengo un teclado por Espanol, asi que no puedo agregar marcas de accento... lo siento jaja.