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Exchange with Chingyun


First name 靖耘
City Taipei
Native country TW Taiwan
Current country TW Taiwan
Age 23
Gender Female
Native language ZT Chinese (Taiwanese)
Studied language ES Spanish
FR French
JA Japanese
EN English



I am ChingYun from Taipei. I want to have some language exchange partner in English, Japanese, Spanish and French.
My English is not bad but I want to improve my proficiency and stay familiar with it.
On the other hand, I been learning Japanese since I was 12. However, the thing is I stopped after 15. Now, I want to start over. I do pass N2 this year but I believe I'm actually not that good. Hope to find someone who can talk to me regularly.
As for my Spanish and French, I just got started.
Anyway, I am looking for someone to be my language exchange partner.
We can meet up in my city or just practice through internet.
Contact me if you are willing to help.
よかったら台北で定期会いましょう!インタネットで おしゃべりするも良いよ!

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First name 靖耘
City Taipei
Current country TW Taiwan
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