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Exchange with Shiorik


First name Shiori
City Tokyo
Native country JP Japan
Current country JP Japan
Age 29
Gender Female
Native language JA Japanese
Studied language DE German
ES Spanish
RU Russian
EN English



Hello, everyone!
I'm Shiori. I live in Japan, Tokyo. I'm a worker.

I'm a beginner English learner.
I'm not good at English, so I would like to learn English to improve my language skill.

I'm interested in foreign countries culture. Someday, I want to visit many foreign countries.
I'm interested in some foreign language that used in the country I want to go.
Now, I want to go to Spain, Canada, Germany and Russia.

I like anime, music, travel and eating delicious meals.

Would you be my language exchange partner?
If you don't mind, please help me practice speaking and writing English. And I'll also help you practice speaking and writing Japanese.

Thank you :)

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First name Shiori
City Tokyo
Current country JP Japan
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